Lighting Control & Management

light-switch-185x300Simple lighting control at the flick of a switch

Remember when it was rare to see a home with more than one switch in a room? Homes designed in the past had very basic lighting needs. These lighting systems consisted of a switch attached to either an outlet or a ceiling light. Basic systems required the most basic of controls – a simple wall switch. Though very effective and reliable the switch soon had an upgrade, the dimmer.

Dimmers to the rescue

Dimmers have been installed for over 25 years to soften the light while reducing energy consumption.

While very effective at controlling the light levels the modern homes typically have banks of them.

In the past a room would usually only have one light switch, modernhomes can have several switches and dimmers in a single location. These switches and dimmers control varied loads from chandeliers to fireplaces, recess can lights to cove and cabinetry lighting.

Switch Overload

While all these specialty lights add allure, ambiance and varied levels of intensity – setting them independently at different times of the day can be arduous.

switchesAnd remembering what switch operates which load.. Well with ten switches at the front door,  this too can become frustrating.  But wait we’ve got sticky’s!


Lighting systems add convenience and control

Lighting control systems take the grief out of controlling multiple lights and bring simple “light switch” control back into the home.

touchplate 1sThe ability to control your homes lighting system may not initially be of concern; after all how hard is it to turn on a couple of lights? Granted it’s not difficult, most four year old’s have mastered it. Now multiply that room by 6 or ten rooms, add landscape and gate lighting, pool lights and outdoor decorative sconces and soon the average home can have 125 individual light loads. Some go on in the evening, some when the garage door opens, some when the closet is occupied. Pretty soon it becomes difficult to manage all these lights and either they get left on or their not used.

Management of your lighting now becomes more tedious – Lighting control to the rescue.

Panelized Lighting Systems have processors programmed to turn on and caen-7x2off the lights for you. Using your parameters they are configured to turn on all the lights you desire to your desired level with the simple press of a button. In the evening a simple “Good-night” button turns off all the lights in un-occupied areas and can even set the air-conditioning temperature. Perhaps a family member comes home later; by opening the garage door a lighting path can be illuminated throughout the home so there’s no fumbling for switches. Having a party? Elegant and dramatic lighting is easy once the system is set up for you. Press the party button and the entire house springs to life. Individual room lighting is automatically set to a festive scene, keypads are locked out so guests wont fiddle with the system; evening lighting times are adjusted so guests don’t get left in the dark sitting poolside.

Next in the evolution


Control and Automation systems.

Theses systems are very reasonably priced and can vary from simple wireless controllers, dimmers and keypads to complex systems designed to be fully integrated into your new homes electrical system.

Call us now and we will be happy to design a system specific to your budget and lifestyle.


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