Audio Video and Distribution

Imagine you’re watching the latest Blu-Ray movie in the family room and decide you want to watch the last part of it from your master bedroom.

Imagine being able to pause the movie, and then start playing it again in the bedroom.

tsr-302Until recently this was available in only the most expensive home. It is now affordable, reliable and easy to use.

Audio/Video Distribution allows you to have all of your components in one location and serve it up to multiple TVs throughout the home.

With just the touch of a button, a keypad or touch screen you’ll get just what you want to hear or see.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a home where there was soft background music playing throughout the home? Or perhaps your family members don’t share the same taste in music so you’ll want different music to play in differIMG_0078ent rooms?

Add the convenience of playing music from multiple sources like satellite radio, cable, CD’s, iPods, HD FM, and your computer and do it all easily with complete control.

Music Everywhere uses quality components and discreetly placed wall, ceiling and bookshelf speakers, designed to enhance your lifestyle and meet your budget.

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