Home Theater

Theater-300x234Home Theaters can provide countless hours of entertainment for you, your family and friends.

The Comfort and Quality of one of our Home Theaters is the ultimate way to watch movies.

Our home theater team can design, manufacture, install and automate your complete home theater. Completed with acoustic treatments, interior finishes, large video screens and THX quality sound.

Whether we are working with your ideas or you choose to have us design something unique for your space, Music Everywhere can bring what you’ve envisioned to reality.

Copy-of-IMG_2865Our broad blend of in-house talent allows us to ensure every project is designed and crafted to the highest possible standards.

With a strong emphasis on personal service and room detail, we know you’ll enjoy the sight, sound and “feel” of one of our Home Theaters!

Call us anytime – We will be happy to sit down and discuss your project with you in mind.


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