Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship

Just planted your church? Opening up in a retail environment, school building or trailer? It’s OK. “Church” doesn’t have to mean traditional, steeple-topped buildings. It’s about creating places and spaces that work for people to worship and build community, and using technology and planning a bit for those spaces to help you achieve your ministries more quickly and with ease.

Music Everywhere can help in a variety of ways. We design and install commercial sound systems from large venue to portable mixing consoles. With 25 years of experience designing and installing music systems we have the experience, tools and knowledge to complete your project.

Requiring the bedridden or handicapped to physically attend your meetings can be a thing of the past. With virtual meeting technology they can attend, participate and worship as if they were on site. From full video web-casting to in house internet radio production Music Everywhere can help you use technology to reach and enrich your flock.

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